What Our Parents Say

“St. Gabriel is a school that excels not only in academics and faith formation but has also prepared my children for the next level of life’s events and challenges.”
“We have been attending St. James for two years, and have been more than happy with the academic achievement and nurturing environment for our children. We have been impressed with the individual attention given to each child, the focus on Christian citizenship, and the strong sense of family community at St. James. We will be here through 8th grade for both children!”
“The teachers are wonderful and do an excellent job. St. Andrew School’s community provides for a strong sense of community that is Christ centered.”
“I am not sure where else you could go in KC and feel you are leaving your child in the safest, most secure environment for children. St. Charles staff is CPR trained – all doors are secure – access is very limited to children and they have video monitoring! The health room is staffed daily with health care providers, like EMT’s and nurses. There is a school counselor who can help in difficult times. It is a good feeling to go to work and know my child’s safety is a priority and all their needs will be met.”
“The education provided at St. Charles is the best. I have had children go from preschool through 8th grade and all have received a quality education that would be considered a lifetime of learning. St. Charles does not just educate for the moment – but for a child’s future as well.”
“St. James is our second home, our spiritual home. Having a place where we can worship and educate our family is very important to us. We love the small school setting and the way religion is incorporated into every aspect of learning. Most of all, we believe the people are what makes St. James special and we are so happy to be here!”
“The curriculum at St. Pius X really allowed me to hit the ground running when I got to MU. You really can’t afford to have a semester to figure it all out in college, especially if you want to go to law school or medical school. I went on to Duke Law School and I was able to do that because from the first semester I started out well and just kept going.”
“St. Andrew’s School provides a loving environment for my children and I feel that they are safe during the day. The teachers are attentive to each child and will help foster growth in whatever means work best for the child.”
“We researched several schools in the Kansas City area, and even before selecting a neighborhood, we selected St. Therese because it was so welcoming and inviting. It was evident St. Therese was where we wanted our children to attend school.”
“My wife and I believe that we made the best decision for our kids by enrolling them in St. Patrick’s. The school curriculum has challenged our kids academically, and the program as a whole is allowing them to use their minds and creativity to their full potential.”
“St. Gabriel provides a warm, nurturing environment where my kids are thriving both academically, as well as in their relationship with God. The small class sizes allow for more one on one student/teacher interaction and we are constantly amazed by what they are learning. We feel so blessed to call St. Gabriel our ‘home away from home’.”
“St. Patrick School is more than a school; it is a community where I know my children are surrounded by teachers who are dedicated to their well-being and children with values like my own. I know my family is cared for at St. Pat’s and that their spirituality is being nurtured and developed as well as their minds.”
“The sense of community is what we appreciate the most about St. Therese School. We have friendships with the entire community.”
“The St. Pius X academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and family-centered environment provided outstanding opportunities for our two kids to develop as leaders, scholars, and compassionate young adults. Their St. Pius X education was a worthwhile investment for our family. There’s a great spirit about St. Pius X – and we are proud to be a part of it.”