Why Choose Catholic Schools

The Northland Catholic Schools focus on the total personal development of each child. With small class sizes and a curriculum consistent with current trends, we offer the highest quality faith-based education while stressing the importance of moral and social responsibility.


Visit 1 (or all) of the 6 Northland Catholic Schools located throughout the Northland!


St. Andrew the Apostle School

St. Andrew the Apostle will be your partner to provide your child an exceptional, Catholic education from pre-school to middle school.

In addition to providing an exceptional Catholic education, the faculty and staff are committed to guiding students to discover their God-given strengths and talents. Extracurricular “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math” (STEAM) programs, community service projects, musical productions and athletics provide opportunities for every student to grow beyond the classroom.

Graduates from St. Andrew are prepared for high school and beyond, and are recognized as well-rounded young men and women who are deeply committed to their faith and community.


st charles

St. Charles Borromeo Academy

Borromeo Academy is the first diocesan classical school in the Kansas City area. A classical education develops students’ analytical and critical thinking skills by teaching them how to use reason and think logically. This prepares children for higher-level learning and teaches them to become solutions-oriented problem-solvers. Students at Borromeo Academy not only learn the fundamentals—math, sciences, history, English, and religion—they also learn Latin, music, art, logic, classical literature, and more. Subjects at Borromeo Academy are naturally integrated so students see the relationships between what they are currently learning in math or Latin and its relevance to what they have already learned in science or history. This natural integration gives students a greater understanding of their subjects and helps them to permanently mentally assimilate everything they learn. Students learn how to speak and write more effectively, more articulately, and more persuasively. The classical approach integrates the curriculum and the life of the school, cultivating all that is truly human in each student and fostering a community of faith-filled learners. Saint Charles Borromeo Academy extends the mission of the Church in forming true disciples of Jesus Christ.



St. Gabriel School

St. Gabriel School offers a traditional curriculum, enhanced by readers and writers workshop, religion, Accelerated Reader, and Aleks Math. Accompanying our curriculum are weekly classes in art, music, physical education, foreign language, and technology. We are proud of our academic excellence with students who consistently score two years above grade level on national standardized tests. Students are also encouraged to participate in after school activities such as photography club, the news production team, Little Saints, Edge and parochial league sports. Our students leave here on the path to becoming well-informed young adults who can think critically and objectively. St. Gabriel offers a strong sense of community supported by active parent involvement. Affordable, quality education in your neighborhood!



St. James School

The St. James community in Liberty, Missouri, empowers students to achieve their full academic and Christian potential, become prayerful lifelong learners and good stewards of God’s gifts. As lifelong learners, students are constantly being provided with opportunities to develop academic skills through use of technology such as Chromebooks, STREAM activities, and classroom activities to promote growth and development. Other ways our students grow is through development of relationships through retreats and other interactions between varying grade levels. As a school, we strive to meet students where they are to help them unlock a love of God, His creation, and learning.



St. Patrick School

The mission of St. Patrick School is to provide a rich and child-centered educational environment, where all students experience the living presence of Jesus; and where each individual student is led to attain his/her highest level of academic excellence. Student scores on standardized tests demonstrate achievement two grade levels above national averages. In addition to the basics, our students enjoy enhanced learning opportunities and programs, including Technology and Chess Clubs, Robotics, STEM activities, the Duke TIP program, and Community Garden. Come and take a tour of our newly remodeled facilities!



St. Therese School

St. Therese Parish, near Parkville, Missouri, boasts a school beyond the basic expectation of any great school. We take pride in being a Student-centric school producing lifelong learners, effective communicators, active persons of faith and dependable citizens learning to give back to their community. As a progressive school, we embrace innovative instruction including Project Lead the Way and integrative technology incorporating STEM+ initiatives.  STEM has become a national norm for a premier curriculum. The “+” sets us apart by taking the concepts of problem solving and hands-on learning into our classrooms and extra-curricular activities—religion, music, Spanish, art, band, strings, choir, theater, and athletics. Come take a tour and catch the Viking Spirit at St. Therese School.


St. Pius X High School

With a rich tradition of nearly 60 years of strong academic and athletic programs, St. Pius X High School strives to educate each student to their full academic potential. With daily prayers and a value-centered approach in every class, our students achieve high test scores and succeed in college and beyond. St. Pius X High School earned an Honorable Mention from the Catholic Education Honor Roll in 2014.